Crowdfunding Campaigns

Crowdfunding for development is here! Explore and support campaigns by Tadamon community members from across all 57 OIC member countries.


Green Aral Sea Initiative – Planting a Forest on the Aral Seabed

UNDP Uzbekistan’s Accelerator Lab launched the Green Aral Sea crowdfunding campaign, which will help resolve the impacts of the Aral Sea disaster. Through this campaign we seek to improve the lives of people in local communities, by planting a 100-hectare forest of 100,000 saxaul saplings on the dry seabed.


Dushanbe Solar City 

Help us crowdfund a solar food truck, which will showcase the potential of solar power and kickstart a wave of projects in Dushanbe. Let’s make Dushanbe a Solar City!

$10,000 Funded

Support the Civil Defense – Rising From Ashes

140 massive fires destroyed thousands of square meters of forests. We want to support the Civil Defense by equipping them properly.

$25,000 Funded

Explore AgoRa: Connecting Education to The Real World!

A gamified interactive educational mobile application that incorporates real-life objects into learning activities through AR.

$30,000 Funded


Bring Water For Life 

The campaign aim was to collect funds to provide clean water access for Napu, a remote village in East Sumba district, by building a solar-powered water pump system.

$24,578 Funded

TOYI – Transform everything into great toys

With Toyi, children are making their own toys by redefining and redesigning everyday objects around them.

$23,778 Funded

Guzgef Solar School

Help improve education facilities in rural Tajikistan and provide better education for children.

$8,983 Funded

Let’s open Künde – a cafe for everyone! 

Künde is about creating opportunities and an inclusive society for people with special needs.

$10,657 Funded


Build the 1st Inclusive Playground in Tirana

This campaign is designed to provide the first Albanian playground suitable for children with special needs and abilities.

$20,000 Funded


To fill potholes for smoother and safer roads, Live Lebanon and MTV Lebanon launched Ensa Joura in May 2017.

$630,000 Funded


CSOS Involved

$ million Raised